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City: Lahore

Screen Size: 2=8×16 indoor,(10×20, 7×20 outdoor)

Screen Type: 2, indoor | 2, outdoor

T. screens: 4

Project date: 23/01/24

The Mustang Communications SMD screen project at NASTP Lahore enhances communication within the facility. This high-resolution display offers dynamic visuals for presentations, announcements, and information sharing. Strategically placed for optimal visibility, it ensures clear and vibrant content delivery.

Mustang Communications’ expertise ensures the installation meets the facility’s requirements, providing a modern and efficient communication tool. The SMD screen advanced technology guarantees crisp and bright images, enhancing the professional atmosphere at NASTP Lahore. This project not only improves internal communication but also adds to the overall functionality and appeal of the space, making it an essential feature for visitors and staff.

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